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          Research & Development

          Our company has established a comprehensive R&D center which consists of 11 sample-making centers covering woven, knitted and sweater apparels and homeware. The R&D center integrates main parts of apparel R&D including design & pattern-making, garment-cutting, sewing, ironing and finishing and apparels. 

          Our company has sample-making centers in Shanghai, Jiangyin, Changshu, Zhangjiagang and other cities in this region. Besides, we specifically established comprehensive sample-making center for yarn. We fully utilize regional advantage of design and technique in East China, and provide customers with all-dimensional services of R&D.?

          This company has set up several overseas offices and subsidiaries, including Los Angeles subsidiary, UK subsidiary, Spain subsidiary, Hong Kong subsidiary, France office and Bangladesh office. This company has recruited a number of foreign designers so as to promote globalization arrangement. So far we have about 500 technicians and over 30 designers at home and abroad.